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Magazzin Group Limited has over 20 years experience in fashion wholesale business and is renowned in the distribution of European fashion labels. With a solid customer base and an extensive wholesale network, Magazzin Group Limited has been appointed as the sole agent of numerous European fashion labels for years.

Magazzin Group Limited has established a large-scale distribution center, occupying over 10,000 sq. ft. at renowned fashion distribution hot-spot to facilitate busy distributive operation. Stationed in Europe with a strong fashion sense and knowledge, our professional merchandisers and buying team possesses the vision to identify and communicate upcoming key fashion trends. We commit to provide innovative, high quality and up-to-date fashion to our valuable customers.

Welcome to visit our distribution center and explore the fashion excitement we have prepared for you.

We’re No. 1

Magazzin Group is the No. 1 wholesaler for “Made in Italy” fashion garment product in Hong Kong. In the past 25 years, we dedicate to provide qualitative and diversified wholesale service. During which, we are awarded by the Trade Italian Commission in recognition of outstanding contribution to promote the label of “Made in Italy”.

100% European Brands (Sole Agent)

We are proud to be the appointed Asian Sole Agent representing many top international fashion brands.

All products are 100% authentic merchandises from our designated premier European brands. We dedicate ourselves to provide the trendiest information and the latest fashion finds from Europe for women who seek for personal style and individualism.

Just-in-time delivery
We’re Way Faster

Every week, we have deliveries from Italy to Hong Kong. The average time for a new Italian product (located in EU) to appearance in our client’s store (in China) is 10 days vs. rivals who receive new styles once or twice a season. To put that in prespective, we are twelve times faster than others! Most of the products you see in stores didn’t exist two weeks earlier, we offer just-in-time delivery and we’re way faster.

Your Asian Partner

Tens of thousands of customer has chosen Magazzin Group Limited. We are the fashion window for Chinese consumers and a lifestyle trendsetter for the Mainland and Asian consumers. Last year, more than 54 million people visited Hong Kong. Over 40 million of them came from the Mainland, with about 9 million visiting from the rest of Asia. We are strategically located at the heart of Asia – at the doorstep of Mainland China and the ASEAN region. Half the world’s population can be reached within five hours’ flight time of Hong Kong.



Dixie represents the lifestyle of a woman who is searching for her versatile negligée chic and wants to look picture-perfect all day long.


Imperial is reflected in its fashion-function style where the study of cuts, styles and fabrics represent a taste for experimentation.


Motel is a brand with unique, artisan, detailed creations pervaded by a sense of modern romance and the touch of a perfect imperfection.


Please is inspired by the living attitude and culture of the new generation, with free style and energetic designs.


Smiley Face is a brand which represents a style of happiness. The collections are youthful and colorful to remind the power of smile.


ViCOLO is made for the metropolitan lifestyle, for those who are open minded, with their own sense of style to mix & match. Create your own look.

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Daniella stands out for lightening up and revolutionising the image of knitwear, and become synonymous with elegance and personality.

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Docei imposes itself on the market by catering to women who want to express their personality at all times of the day.

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Kuso is a brand that dedicated to the classy and independent metropolitan women with forward thinking.

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Les Babies dedicated to create an eclectic wardrobe for contemporary women who wish to speaks their modern identity by the look.

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Passo has created a unique, vibrant and iconic style with its playful and fashionable streetwear for young girls.

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Rosella stands for impeccable quality. Its design is simple, mainly focuses on quality material selection and practicality.

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